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  • About Us


    Peppercorn Labs partners with enterprises irrespective of their size, industry and domain to build solutions and bridge the gap between consumers, businesses and their products. With human-computer interaction at the core, we work with enterprises to make products that are meaningful to their users, innovate and iterate within predefined budgets, and quickly deliver state-of-the-art technology products and services to the market.

    Our innovative teams ensure that businesses deliver value throughout the product lifecycle, by engineering state-of-the-art products and services and by making mature products that are meaningful to the business’s customers. Implementing experience oriented design strategy, we enable our customers to re-invent their offerings, evolve the way they engage with their users and speed time-to-market. We work with teams to create innovative solutions that can disrupt the market.

    Working across ecosystems, our teams strive to bring makers and their users to the same page that helps in creating disruptive innovation. We ensure that consumers engage with enterprises not limited to using their products, but also contributing to their continuous development. After having delivered multiple products across industries, we ensure that not only is the customer at the centre of every enterprise’s product, but also that the relationship is defined, engaging and helpful in creating better enterprises.



    We are one of the fastest growing lean technology services companies and we understand the challenges of change. We can help our clients navigate complexity and position business for growth.


    With an operational expertise of over 25 markets and a team of experts who bring together a full range of capabilities across multiple domains and technology areas to solve your toughest challenges.

    Developers’ Developers

    Our heritage of partnering with the world’s leading software makers gives us an edge when it comes to solving difficult problems and excelling where others fail.

    Solutions Not Just Services

    We are focused on designing, architecting and delivering solutions rather than just services. This means that clients can expect outcomes and business results from our partnership that redefine the traditional notion of partnership.

  • Our Approach

    Our Approach

    Scale Up and Scale Out

    We set up each engagement to help you scale your business solutions to meet the growth demands of your customers and to reach across geographies, time zones and functions.

    Customer Collaboration

    As a partner, we measure our success based on our clients’ results. We leverage the best-in-class technologies, tools and frameworks for collaboration to ensure that our engagements are open, transparent and can be tracked.

    Hybrid Teams

    Developing an end to end experience or product requires varied expertise. Our cross-functional teams work to deliver mission critical technology solutions that move business goals forward.

    Industrialized Digital

    Beyond touchpoints, delivering true value from digital investments requires a deep understanding of experiences, data and technology operations and an innate ability to orchestrate the components at scale.

    Engineering Speed and Quality

    Through our Engineering Excellence programs, we train our engineers at all levels on the newest technologies and implementation frameworks. With our Global Delivery platform, we deploy the best teams for any business from anywhere in the world and deliver speed and quality at scale.

    Open is the New Advantage

    We embrace Free and Open Source solutions and build on the wisdom of the crowd to deliver the best solutions for today - stressing flexibility, experimentation and collaboration over proprietary, closed approaches.

  • Founders

    Namrata Kulkarni

    Founder & CEO

    Namrata has led agile and highly innovative design teams that have created disruptive products for Startups and Fortune 500 enterprises alike. As the CEO, Namrata has ensured that teams keep innovating and delivering disruptive products that our customers can take to market.

    Ved Muthal

    Founder & CEO

    Ved has a decade long experience of working with Startups and has helped startups solve operational and technological hurdles. At Peppercorn Labs, Ved handles business and technology teams and ensures smooth communication between businesses and teams enabling quality products to go to market fast.

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