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  • Financial

    Financial Services

    Peppercorn Labs’ robust, end-to-end platform engineering and product development mindset has helped Financial Services companies respond to the impact of new technologies, disruptive business models, increasing regulations and evolving customer demands. Our clients have been recognised with industry awards for software engineering and game-changing applications and business solutions across the entire banking landscape. Together with our customers, we drive additional revenue by rapidly delivering innovative solutions that meet end-user expectations, while helping to stay competitive.

    Our blend of strategic thinking, UX design, enterprise architecture and engineering capabilities is based on an Agile mindset. We deliver digital transformation that reduces time-to-market for new financial products and services, and our focus on engineering excellence and quality ensures that our solutions exceed the most stringent, non-functional requirements such as robustness, scalability, reliability and minimum latency.

    financial services

    We serve

    • Investment Banks
    • Retail & Commercial Banks
    • Wealth Management Institutions
    • Exchanges & Brokerages
    • Market Data Providers
    • Technology Providers
    • Insurance Providers

    Our Solutions

    • Digital Banking Transformation
    • Global Digital Wealth Management Applications
    • Service Design & Delivery for Digital Banking
    • Front-to-Back Office Trading & Risk Management
    • Applications for Capital Markets
    • Global & Regional Agile Development
    • Market Data & Electronic Trading Connectivity & Security
    • Exchange Platforms & Trade Repositories
  • Business Info
    and Media

    Business Info and Media

    Across the industry, the demand for smart digital content that delivers rapid insights is growing at an unprecedented pace, and companies must respond quickly to trends in order to succeed.Peppercorn Labs’ experts understand the ever-expanding and changing array of technologies that help deliver insightful content, as well as best practices and skills for content providers in Media, Publishing and Telecommunications, including editorial, production, curatorial, product development and operations.

    Our data-driven approach to transforming business practices enables our clients to provide highly personalised digital content, as well as maintain and increase content revenue. We help implement and evolve platforms into versatile, adaptable solutions to grow our customer’s business, unlock unrealized potential and deliver maximum value. Our end-to-end, innovative solutions drive growth, competitiveness and loyalty while facilitating cost efficiency across all markets, from local to global.

    Business Info and Media

    We serve

    • Telecom Service Providers
    • MVNOs
    • Cable Service Providers
    • Broadband/Internet Service Providers
    • Business Information Providers
    • News & Media
    • Book, Newspaper & Magazine Publishers
    • Content Distributors

    Our Solutions

    • Omni-Commerce & Mobile
    • Loyalty Program Solutions
    • Customer Service & Subscription Portals
    • Content Management, Delivery & Monetization
    • OTT/VOD/TVE Platform Development Integration
    • Business Intelligence & Analytics
    • Network Performance Monitoring
    • Innovation as a Service
    • Editorial Workbenches
    • Information Discovery, Text Analytics & Search
    • Smart Content & IoT Integration
    • Conversational Agents (Chatbots)
  • Retail and

    Retail and Distribution

    Delivering relevant, engaging shopping experiences by personalizing customers’ eCommerce experience is critical to the success of any retail business. Peppercorn Labs combines its leadership in B2B Global Commerce, deep industry expertise, engineering excellence and knowledge of the partner landscape to deliver engaging digital experiences for leading companies.

    Peppercorn Labs’ portfolio of Retail & Distribution clients includes engagements in B2B and B2C, order management, online merchandising, mobile solutions, payments and content management. We design, deliver and deploy highly effective, end-to-end implementations that integrate full-stack Commerce and supply chain technologies to ensure every customer experience results in maximum engagement.

    retail and distribution

    We serve

    • Global, Regional & Local Retailers
    • Online Retail Brands
    • Consumer Goods Manufacturers & Distributors
    • B2B Consumer Providers
    • Online Marketplaces
    • Retail Software Providers

    Our Solutions

    • eCommerce Implementations based on Leading Proprietary & Open-sourced Packages
    • Catalog Development & Production
    • Pricing & Configuration Management
    • Mobile Retail Solutions & Payment Systems
    • Order Management & Fulfilment
    • Digital Asset Management
    • Loyalty Programs
    • Merchandising & Recommendations
    • Social Touchpoints Integration
    • CRM & Marketing Systems
    • Knowledge Solutions & a Range of Enterprise Development,
    • Testing & Maintenance Services
  • Software and
    Hi Tech

    Software and Hi Tech

    Peppercorn Labs’ has been a driver of change and adaptation in the field of Product Development Services, growing over time to become an expert in Digital Platform Engineering Services. Our engineering expertise in Hi-Tech, software engineering and integration has enabled us to help our global customers respond more quickly and competitively to market demands and technology change.

    Peppercorn Labs understands how important it is for today's businesses to deliver scalable, stable, secure and high-performing products across the entire software development lifecycle. That's why our Software & Hi-Tech customers have trusted us to design, develop, deliver and test the next generation of digital platforms that define their brands.

    software and Hi tech

    We serve

    • Global Software Product Makers
    • Hi-Tech Startups
    • SaaS & PaaS providers
    • IoT Component Manufacturers
    • Consumer & Enterprise Clients
    • Marketing Technology Providers
    • Mobile Device & Software Makers
    • Vertical Software Solutions Providers

    Our Solutions

    • Domain-led Experience & Service Design
    • Product Definition & MVP Development
    • Global & Regional Product Delivery Centers
    • Agile Methods
    • DevOps & CI/CD
    • Engineering Productivity Tools & Services
    • Cloud Advisory, Migration & Managed Services
    • Full Scale Integration
    • Performance Management & Optimization
    • Full Cycle Managed Engineering & Software Support Services
  • Travel and

    Travel and Hospitality

    Peppercorn Labs’ Travel & Hospitality Practice helps the industry evolve to meet the rising tide of customer expectations and solve complex operational challenges. With our commitment to engineering excellence and our end-to- end platform engineering expertise, many leading travel distributors and OTAs rely on Peppercorn Labs to bring innovative products to life.

    We have helped many clients flourish in the era of digitization where online booking and distribution platforms have steadily gained more and more market share. Whether its an OTA or a centuries-old travel brand, we can find the right solution that leverages our unique combination of skilled technologists and world-class designers, thinkers, and strategists to complement that which makes a brand unique.

    We serve

    • Hotel Companies
    • Airlines
    • Online Travel Agencies
    • Travel Management Companies
    • Travel Software Companies
    • Cruise Lines
    • Restaurants

    Our Solutions

    • Digital Strategy & Service Design
    • Omni-Commerce & Merchandizing
    • Booking & Reservations System Builds
    • GDS/CRS Connectivity & Direct Connect Services
    • CRM & Loyalty/Rewards Development & Integration
    • Legacy Platform Migration & Development
    • OTA/HTNG-Compliant APIs
    • Business Rule Engines
    • Mobile Application Development
  • Healthcare


    Peppercorn Labs works with leading Life Sciences companies to deliver sophisticated scientific informatics and innovative enterprise technology solutions to meet diverse needs in bioinformatics and cheminformatics. We offer a combination of deep scientific and mathematical knowledge with superior software engineering and deployment capabilities, enabling our customers to speed research, discovery and time-to-market while improving collaboration, knowledge management and operational excellence.

    From providers and hospital systems to payor organizations to healthcare ISVs, Peppercorn Labs helps customers navigate the changing healthcare landscape and deliver end-to-end experiences that speed time-to-market while also integrating back-end systems. Our innovative solutions engage patients and providers in prevention, diagnosis and disease management and enable meaningful, data-driven insights about patient health and operational metrics.

    We serve

    • Global Pharmaceutical & Biotech Companies
    • Life Sciences R&D Organizations
    • Payers
    • Healthcare Providers & Hospital Systems
    • Clinical Systems Providers
    • Scientific Instrumentation & Medical Device Corporations
    • Independent Software Vendors
    • Scientific Publishing Companies
    • Pharmacy & Benefit Management Organizations

    Our Solutions

    • Claims, Case Management & Clinical Effectiveness Platforms
    • Product Development & Physical/Virtual Hospital Experiences
    • Applied Mathematics & Scientific Informatics Workflows
    • Front-to-Back Office Trading & Risk Management
    • Analytics & Big Data including Population Health Management, Evidence-Based Decision-Making, Machine Learning, Wearable Device Integration & Embedded Software Development
    • Knowledge Management, Content Management & Digital Asset Management
    • Patient & Provider Portals
    • Integrated Health Solutions including ACOs, Care Management & Value-Based Care
    • Algorithm Development
    • Precision Medicine
    • Translational Research & Clinical Trials Support
    • Regulatory-Compliant Software for 21 CFR Part 11 & GxP
    • Consumer Engagement & Incentives including Patient Care, Gamification, Mobile Apps, Telemedicine Platforms & Medication Adherence
  • Energy and

    Energy and Utilities

    Peppercorn Labs’ Energy and Utilities industry expertise enables our customers to stay ahead of industry trends, and drive capital and operational efficiency to preserve margins and maintain the reinvestment rates necessary to remain competitive. We partner with leading global companies in these verticals to provide solutions in advanced analytics and data sciences, big data and BI, software and product development, and digital innovation and IoT.

    From drilling to refining to distribution, Peppercorn Labs provides a holistic approach that produces insights to optimize business processes and deliver data visualization capabilities to end users internally and externally. Using an agile approach, we utilize our product engineering heritage and product development expertise to encourage innovation and solve the most complex challenges for our Energy and Utilities customers.

    We serve

    • Energy Companies
    • Oil & Gas Companies
    • Utilities Companies
    • Independent Software Vendors

    Our Solutions

    • Advanced Analytics & Data Sciences
    • Big Data & Business Intelligence Solutions
    • Digital Platform Engineering
    • Innovation as a Service
    • Internet of Things / Embedded Systems Integration
    • Commercial-grade Agile Software Engineering
    • Application & Cloud Management
  • Manufacturing
    and Auto

    Manufacturing and Auto

    Peppercorn Labs delivers sophisticated B2B digital solutions to OEMs and OEM suppliers, creating new business models for the automotive industry. Leveraging our embedded engineering expertise, we transform vehicle connectivity systems from slow, hardware-first models to dynamic, software- first solutions through an open cloud approach that works not only for cars, but also for machines as a whole.

    From manufacturers of cars to vaccines to retail products, Peppercorn Labs helps its customers create, deliver and manage innovative solutions at the speed of software without compromising on safety and security. With our robust capabilities in automation, big data and machine learning, we streamline supply chain management and ensure state-of-the-art quality control throughout the entire production lifecycle.

    We serve

    • Original Equipment Manufacturers
    • Automotive Suppliers
    • Parts Manufacturers
    • Automotive Software & Hi-Tech Companies
    • Healthcare & Life Sciences Manufacturers
    • Food & Beverage Manufacturers
    • Software & Hi-Tech Manufacturers
    • Retail Manufacturers

    Our Solutions

    • Human Machine Interface
    • In-Vehicle Infotainment
    • Computer Vision & Heterogeneous Computing
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning
    • Virtualization for Embedded Systems
    • Service for Car & Tier 1 OEMs
    • Demand Forecasting
    • Inventory Optimization
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Data Visualization
    • Cloud-based Infrastructure
    • Factory Automation

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